To me, photography is more of a calling than a mere hobby or job. For many years I sought to capture the true essence of every subject I caught on film, and still strive to achieve this every time. In 2002, I began to focus my attention more seriously on photography; working with analogue film, but could easily see the potential in digital photography. After attending a few courses on the effective use of Photoshop and related software, I became more adept at film editing. This enabled me to convey more emphasis on elements I saw in each picture I took. For the past few years, I have been immersed in my career and other pursuits, but photography is again at the forefront of my attention. I have updated my equipment again recently and I intend on taking every opportunity I can to pursue my true passion.


Furthermore I am responsible for three Facebook pages. I am

  • Administrator at Ruth Olmer Photography
  • Administrator at Brendon Maher Vocalist/Musician
  • Administrator at Divine Ascension Fanpage


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